Get rid of garbage properly


Disposing garbage might probably the least wanted job in the world but everybody has to dispose of their garbage properly to keep our environment clean and healthy for the next generations to come. You can start helping the planet by starting at home.

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Sort out your garbage and label them correctly for proper disposal.

You can label into ones that you can recycle or re-use, biodegradable,

and non-biodegradable. Do not burn your garbage. Burning your garbage in your backyard will only drill holes into the ozone layer especially if you burn plastic. Plus is will generate a lot of smoke and fumes.

You wouldn’t want your neighbors to complain against you.

Recycled/Re-use- these things are items that can be used again or things you can donate for other uses. It would be great to label them accordingly so the collector would know exactly what to do with them.

If you prefer to donate them, you can send or take them directly to donation places for people in need or victims of natural disasters.

Biodegradable- biodegradable waste as described by the web is a type of waste which can be broken down into its base compounds, in a span of time, by micro-organisms and other living
things, regardless of what those compounds may be.

These items tend to rot and have mold build up to dispose of these things first and do it every day to avoid having smelly kitchens and contaminated space.

Non-biodegradable- this is the complete opposite of biodegradable waster meaning it cannot be broken down to its original form anymore.

These wastes can last up to a few years without decomposing.

These wastes are the ones that are slowly destroying the environment because of how they are not disposed of properly.


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