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Fashion is a capricious lady who gives us stylistic trends. Everything that was irrelevant yesterday becomes popular again today. In this article, we’re going to tell you about “half” hair coloring, which has already been tried and tested by many stars, and which you can do with your own hands at home.

Hair coloring

How to do “half” coloring at home

As the name suggests, hair is dyed in two different colors, with the other side left in its natural color. To dye the color, the hair strands must be divided very evenly and precisely into two equal parts, and a parting must be made starting from the bridge of the nose. Next, a section of hair must be tightened with an elastic band and removed to prevent accidental dyeing.

Hair coloring

It’s common for women to choose contrasting tones for a halftone color combination. If the difference between the colors is not too marked, the effect of the coloring will be completely lost.


If you have dark hair, you can’t get halftone beauty right the first time. You’ll need to lighten one side, then dye it a vibrant shade.

Halftone coloring: a trendy look you can reproduce at home

Then the coloring process begins. Make sure you cover the painted area with aluminum foil so it doesn’t catch on the other side.

Halftone staining: a trendy look you can reproduce at home

One more important point. After coloring, rinse your hair one by one. If you mix them together, the coloring may not be what you intended.

Trendy shades for “half” color.

For a trendy look, opt for the brightest shades for coloring. As stylists point out, the most popular color this summer is lettuce. You can choose yellow, blue or pink for half the coloring, but shades of red also work well. In addition to the latter color, you can opt for auburn on one side.

Halftone coloring: a trendy look you can reproduce at home

If you want to achieve a half-tone color in a hair salon, you can opt for more sophisticated shades and techniques. For example, going from a natural color to a brighter, more extravagant one will look great. You can even try lettuce roots and pink hair tips with a stretch.


Summer is the perfect time for bold experimentation. It’s the season when bright colors come back into fashion. If you want to achieve the juiciest, most visible look, opt for trendy halftones with the brightest shades.

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