Haircut cascade and its combination with the image of women (20 photos)


Cascade is a haircut for women, which is characterized by alternating strands of various lengths. The shortest strands are located at the crown, and the longest at the bottom in the occipital region. This haircut is similar to a “ladder”, but its difference lies only in the execution technology.


Bright hair coloring in the presence of a cascading haircut

Cascade for long curls with styling

Variant of cascading long haircut with bangs

Cascade combined with the effect of “wet hair”

Shoulder-length cascade with torn strands and bangs

The idea of ​​​​creating a cascade on medium hair length

Volumetric styling for women’s haircut cascade

Haircut cascade: side view

Cascade and light blond hair coloring in a single image

Ragged haircut cascade

Cascade on a fine hair structure

Aged woman with cascade haircut

Cascading haircut on a woman with lush styling

Hair styling for a cascading haircut: side view

Cascade on thin medium strands

The idea of ​​​​creating a cascade for long hair

Famous actress with cascading haircut

Cascade in the form of women with highlights

Cascade on lush hair

Very short cascading haircut