Black and blue hair – discover stylish coloring


Black and blue hair will help create an original and not everyday look. These two colors look so harmonious with each other that any length in such coloring will look chic. If you have long thought about dyeing your hair in an unusual combination of colors, then it’s time to pay attention to black and blue.


Blue-black hair

Black hair can have a distinctive blue tint that creates an incredibly deep and very rich coloration. The color seems to shimmer in the sunlight, reflecting with brilliance and fiery blue sparks. Coloring looks amazing on very short and long hair, so it suits any woman.

Black and blue coloring for a short haircut

A short haircut is always difficult to highlight with double dyeing, since there is not enough hair. But black and blue cope with this difficult task with a bang. Blue is a fairly bright color, and on a black background it is even more noticeable. The effect is gorgeous, so feel free to choose coloring for short hair.

Black and blue ombre

Black and blue ombre is an especially chic technique for women of any age. Here you can make an ombre in different ways: either first black, and then blue; either blue and then black. In any case, it turns out very beautiful, catchy and most importantly bold.

coloring peacock

Peacock coloring is not easy, but very complex. It includes not only black and blue, but also the obligatory green and purple. Other shades can also be used. Coloring is carried out only in a salon, because it is very complicated and requires the intervention of a professional.

Black hair with blue streak

If you want to just slightly highlight your black hair, then use the technique of highlighting one strand. The strand is allowed to be dyed in any shade of blue, the main thing is that it harmonizes beautifully with black. On the other hand, such coloring can also be made catchy: just take more strands and paint them blue.

Black hair with blue tips

A good coloring method that will allow your roots and scalp to remain untouched by the paint. The option is good for women with sensitive scalp, because the coloring composition will not touch it, which means there will be no irritation.

Black hair and blue bangs

Blue bangs stand out especially effectively against the background of black hair, so it is important to think about its shape before dyeing. The bangs should be as beautiful as possible combined with the features of the woman’s face, help to emphasize advantageous features, or divert too much attention from problem areas.

Black hair with hidden blue dye

The most ideal coloring for those women who do not want or cannot explicitly add rich blue to their black color. Here, the master dyes only the lower layer of hair blue, and a layer of hair falls on top of it. This staining will be noticeable only when you yourself want it.