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In order for women’s fingers to always remain beautiful, they have to make beautiful nail designs. Today there are various types of it, but the most popular is the French manicure with a pattern on the nails. For these purposes, you will need special stickers, rhinestones, sparkles or brushes.

Stickers are considered the simplest in execution, which are enough to be glued to the treated nails and covered with a fixative. Problems can arise with the drawn pictures, because for their application it is necessary to have drawing skills. However, if you learn a little, then everything will work out, so all that remains is to choose the ornament you like.


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French manicure with a pattern: stripes

To draw stripes on the nails (for example, like a zebra), you need to take a thin brush and black varnish. Apply thin lines to the prepared French manicure. The drawing will turn out neat if you do not remove the strips from the tips of the nails. Thanks to them, not a single line will go beyond the white base. After the pattern has dried, a shiny fixative varnish is applied to the nails.

French patterned gel polish: stains

Nails can be covered with various spots, for example, leopard ones. To draw them, you need to take black, silver varnish, a thin brush and a toothpick. Without a silver tint, they will turn out not so sparkling and voluminous. So, take a brush and paint spots with black varnish. After that, using a toothpick, we place silver dots inside each black spot. When the pattern dries, apply a fixative to the nails.

French manicure with a fun pattern

Classic and elegant French manicure with a pattern is beautiful and stylish, but sometimes you want something less serious and more naughty. In this case, funny and colorful pictures will help, causing a smile from the hostess and the people around them. Treat yourself to a great mood by doing such a manicure.

French manicure with a pattern of rhinestones

A great addition to any manicure – rhinestone patterns. These shiny, beautiful stones will give your nails a more luxurious and expensive look. Such jewelry will perfectly complement the image of a woman who has gathered for a party or event. It is worth noting that it looks best on extended nails, because small dents remain on them from rhinestones.

French with a pattern: animals

Also, the jacket can be supplemented with youth-style drawings: various birds, butterflies, animals, etc. Such pictures go well with polymer clay figurines.

French with a pattern: flowers

This version of the manicure will perfectly decorate the image of the bride, since no wedding can do without flowers. In this case, varnishes of delicate pastel shades and a large number of sparkles are suitable. The most daring brides will suit more contrasting and provocative options, in which rather unusual combinations can be used.

French manicure with a pattern on several nails

If a woman wants something concise and restrained, then you should pay attention to the drawings, parts of which are located on two fingers. Such a manicure looks very stylish and neat, because the rest of the nails are painted with a regular jacket. Different butterflies, flowers, fallen petals, leaves, hieroglyphs, etc. will look very beautiful here.

French pattern for short nails

Women with short nails should not be upset, because if you connect your imagination, then everything will work out. This version of the manicure can be decorated with any of the above patterns or ornaments.

French manicure with a pattern gives tremendous freedom, which is why it is very popular. At the same time, it allows you to deviate from the standards and combine bright colors, as well as complement the design with beautiful painted paintings.



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