Haircuts with oblique bangs 2022 (30 photos)


Someone has never worn bangs, and someone does not see their life without such a hair detail. Every girl should at least once succumb to the impulse of fashion and do something crazy – for example, cut her bangs. You will be able to choose the right haircut with bangs from a selection of the best models of women’s haircuts with bangs in 2022.


Beautiful light hair coloring combined with a short haircut

Haircut option with oblique bangs on lush hair

Oblique bangs as a detail of a stylish haircut in 2022

Rounded short hairstyle with side bangs

Laying on the newfangled haircut of 2022

Very short haircuts for women with oblique bangs

Haircut without styling, but with oblique bangs

Creative coloring for short hair

The idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating a haircut for short hair with oblique bangs

Side bangs and medium length haircut on light strands

Variant of a high female haircut with lightening

Trend 2022: oblique bangs and short haircut

Girl with short boyish hairstyle and side bangs

Oblique bangs combined with a short cascading haircut

Haircut with different lengths of strands and bangs

Options for oblique bangs for a haircut on a woman

Side swept bangs with short hair

Lush long hair and a haircut with oblique bangs for them

Short cascade with oblique bangs

Fashionable haircut with oblique bangs and lightening curls

Different lengths of side strands, hair lightening and oblique bangs in one look

Woman with ultra-short haircut and oblique bangs

Bangs to the side and very short curls

Haircut with lightening hair tone and oblique bangs: options for 2022

The image of a woman with highlights and short hair

Side bangs on short red hair

Boyish hairstyle with oblique bangs: ideas for 2022

Variant of a stylish female haircut for dark curls

Long cascading hairstyle with oblique bangs

Trendy haircuts for women with short hair