Pink jacket – gentle and feminine


Pink jacket is in demand due to its versatility, softness and femininity of design. Pink color harmoniously fits into any shape and length of nails, helps to beautifully emphasize the decor and goes well with any other color. We present a selection of the best pink jacket for your nails.


Matte pink french

Matte pink is a noble color that is devoid of shine, but still distinguished by its beauty and color saturation. No wonder he is so in demand among women of all ages. Matte beautifully emphasizes nails of any shape, length, and also looks beautiful in any color scheme.

Pink jacket for long nails

Long nails are ideal for a pink jacket, because the jacket itself helps to make them well-groomed, feminine, and does not create a too vulgar appearance. After all, long nails are always a risk. If you choose the wrong design for them, you get too flashy manicure.

Delicate pink jacket

A nude manicure may include a delicate pink jacket, which will be distinguished by a calm and moderate design. It will be absolutely easy to go to any event in your life, suitable for different clothes and of course, for different nail shapes and shapes.

Pink french ombre

Pink ombre is the perfect technique for creating color transitions. White, peach, red, fuchsia, purple, peach and others look especially advantageous with pink. There are no restrictions in the selection of colors, so you can choose any.

Pink jacket with a pattern

The drawing will decorate a pink jacket very beautifully. The best in this choice are flowers of different shapes and colors. If the jacket is bright, then the flower can be made bright, and if the manicure is in a delicate range, then the pattern is created in the color of the design itself, or vice versa, bright to create an accent.

French with a pink base

Instead of a pink smile in a jacket, you can beautifully highlight the base with a pink top gel. This is a very interesting solution that will bring its own flavor to the design.

Pink jacket with sparkles

Sequins have always been considered the most popular decor among others. They are very easy to highlight nails, emphasize a pattern or pattern, use instead of gel to highlight the smile zone. French glitter in pink is the key to a successful manicure for any holiday or celebration.

Stylish pink jacket

A stylish pink jacket successfully combines several coating colors, beautiful and shiny decor, geometric lines, minimalism, as well as rubbing, foil and more. A stylish option for every day and for a special occasion.

Bright fuchsia french

A pink jacket can be very bright, but you should choose a shade of fuchsia for this. Fuchsia is a deep and rich color, making it immediately visible, but not as catchy and vulgar as red. Therefore, fuchsia is a complete replacement for him.