Rejuvenating short haircuts for women after 50


Women’s haircuts on short hair after 50 years have a magical property to trim the years, effectively emphasize the best and disguise what causes complexes. However, all of this will only work if you consider the most important features of facial hair correction.
The main nuances of hairstyles for short hair for women 50+:

haircut and coloring should do a proven master in the salon, which will choose the option for your wishes and taking into account the peculiarities of the face, head shape and hair structure;

When coloring gray hair, pre-pigmentation is necessary, so you need to take care of the color in the salon;

Gray and dark colors, according to stylists, add age no matter what haircut you wear. However, gray strands sometimes (for example, on very dark hair) look incredibly stylish;

The trimming can make the face visually younger, but you should not abuse it, because it is easy to go into a comical and informal image;

Oval face suits any hairstyle, but the round, square, and triangular need serious work;

Owners of a square face to smooth out the corners will help asymmetry, elongated curls at the face with a oblique break;

Dropping down on a narrow or elongated face voluminous strands visually expand the head, also suitable haircuts with bangs and bouffant hairstyles;

round face will help to balance haircuts with asymmetry, elongated at the edges of the bangs and graduation;

The triangle will suit long bangs, haircuts to the cheekbones and the volume on the crown.

Fashionable short haircuts for women with bangs after 50

Bob with bangs


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Bob is a great short female haircut for ladies of age. It can be complemented by bangs with smooth cuts. Consider the options in the form of curtains and French bangs, they look graceful and elegant on women of all ages.

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Short haircuts for women after 50 cannot be imagined without the fashionable pixie. Ultra-short bangs are suitable for spectacular framing of the face, and elongated will help to correct the angles and hide everything that is questionable.

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Asymmetry with bangs

Stylish short haircuts for women over 50 are various options with asymmetry, which will look good on the owners of round and square face. See the current ideas on the photo!

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Elegant bob-cut or bob with bangs

The bangs are an iconic hairstyle in the fashion industry. It’s a haircut adored by Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue magazine. Despite its apparent heaviness, it’s a great option for women with a high forehead. It can also be styled with a slight squint or wavy bangs.

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Pixie suits almost any face type and quickly creates a playful and stylish look. The technique of this haircut will make hair look more voluminous and textured.

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Haircuts on women’s short hair after 50 just for thin hair include a stylish shaggy bob. Feel free to complement it with bangs or open the forehead, most importantly – do not try to smooth the style, you need it to look more airy. Try applying texturizing clay to hair when it’s still wet before blow drying.

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The classic brace and the brace on the leg

All variations of the carriage, especially the format on the leg, are just the most voluminous haircuts on women’s short hair, which after 50 years effectively emphasize the texture of curls and subtle nature of the lady. A straight cut will visually flatten the strands.

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Women’s Undercard

Undercut not only effectively stretches the oval of the face, but also allows you to experiment with styling. For example, you can slick back the bangs, raise them in a pompadour style, make them be styled sideways or pinned. This haircut is a godsend for fiftysomethings – it effectively rejuvenates and looks very stylish, and the rebellious nature of the hairstyle easily fits into any elegant and strict dress code.

For styling ideas, we turn to Tilda Swinton. In her “over 60” she has tried all the best undercut looks, and never looks boring.

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Pixie with ripped strands

All pixie options will suit ladies with a round face. Such women’s haircuts after 50 have a rejuvenating function and add great texture to short hair. See successful options with pixie hairstyles in the photo!

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Fashionable female haircuts on short hair after 50 are, of course, a variety of variations of the havroche. Shorter or longer? Any version will suit the owners of straight, wavy and even curly hair. This universal haircut is mischievous and in itself implies a slight mussiness.


A very short haircut for a boy with open ears looks spectacular on both gray and colored hair. Complement the look with stylish accessories and makeup, emphasizing the eyes.


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