The most dangerous hairstyle that can cause hair loss


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Stylists do their best so that every woman can find the hairstyle that will embellish her image and hide all her flaws. Some claim that curls that are too tight can destroy curls, and that if you straighten wavy locks, they can never regain their former beauty.

In fact, there’s one very dangerous hairstyle that can easily rob you of your hair. But it’s not the hairstyle itself that’s to blame, it’s the way you wear it. It’s a tight, well-styled ponytail that you wear for more than four hours a day.

The most dangerous hairstyle for hair loss

The fact is that the hair bag, which holds all our hair, can only take so much; it has a certain allowable load.

Of course, tight ponytails are not forbidden for all women. For example, dark hair with a dense structure for such a hairstyle is normal, it can easily support such a strong load.

The most dangerous hairstyle that can deprive you of hair

But blond curls are a little weaker and finer, for such a structure the high ponytail is not suitable, besides stylists in general put under the bushel for this hair tight hairstyles.

A lot depends on the choice of hairstyle. That’s why stylists recommend that women choose a good-quality varnish or gel. Some products contain so much chemistry that you don’t even need to make a tight ponytail to damage your hair.

Choose a light styling product for a tight ponytail that will achieve softness, but without sticking your curls together. And the best way to make a light ponytail with pretty waves or curls, which you can undo at any time and show off your delicate image.

The tight ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles for long-haired women and businesswomen. First of all, this hairstyle is very simple and requires no professionalism. Secondly, it lasts all day. However, stylists warn that wearing a tight ponytail with a lot of styling can be very damaging to your hair.

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