Pink-blue hair is the secret of the popularity of the color


If earlier the pink hair color could surprise others, now this is not enough. Young people often experiment in terms of hair coloring, where they combine different bright and catchy colors. With this method, a gentle and unusual coloring in a pink-blue tone was born. Thanks to the tenderness and refreshing effect, coloring immediately fell in love with many girls.


The secret to the success of pink-blue hair

Professional colorists often choose blue and pink to color hair of any type and length. Pink due to its delicate palette, which creates a “sweet” and incredibly feminine look, and blue for the ability to bring freshness to the whole bow. It seems to cool and set off the pink, from which it seems colder than warm.

Experiments with appearance are always considered an integral part of every woman’s life. If young girls are more likely to do this, then an older woman is afraid to do bold coloring, and even more so double in bright color. But thanks to the many different coloring techniques, it is very easy to achieve the desired color in a short time, without completely recoloring all the hair.

The best pink-blue hair color schemes

If you feel that you can master the bright and catchy coloring in full force, then select the appropriate staining technique. But for women who doubt such a step, it is better to choose something in between coloring, selective staining or a hidden technique.

Half blue, half pink

One of the most fashionable and relevant coloring in two bright shades is half and half. The master dyes one half of the hair pink and the other blue. The hair is divided in an even parting.

Delicate glaze

Delicate and very cute coloring, which combines light shades of two colors. This method is best for women who do not want to stand out too much from others.

Selective strands

The technique allows you to dye the strands in blue and pink, without affecting the main fabric of the hair. Thanks to the selective technique, you will be able to control the degree of presence of bright dye on your hair.


A fantastic result is always obtained with the ombre technique. Only she can give a unique and harmonious transition of one color to another. Coloring can start from blue and turn into pink, or vice versa.

Coloring with additional colors

If brightness is not enough for you, then add another one or more bright color. It is only worth consulting with the master in order to choose a harmoniously suitable color, otherwise it is easy to get tacky and spoil the whole image.

more blue

For women with a cold color type, it is very easy to pick up double staining, but only focus on blue. Reduce the dosage of pink paint, but do not eliminate it completely.


Coloring is a technique for alternately coloring strands in bright shades. Here the master can offer different approaches, where everything will depend on the type of hair.