6 ways to make wavy perm in your hair


“Through every heart, through every net, my self-will shall break through. Do you see me – do you see these wandering curls? – You can’t make me salt”. Lines by Marina Tsvetaeva.


The poetess has captured the essence of psychological perception of people with wavy curls. They are seen as immediate, devoid of rationality, creative.

Therefore, curls are associated in the subconscious with the feminine essence. Any lady sometimes wants to become flighty, mischievous, unruly. Let’s find out how to cheat nature, which gave straight hair instead of curls.

Waves in your hair with a flat iron
A curling iron is designed to straighten your strands. However, if you get smart, the device can replace a curling iron. You need to heat the iron, grab a strand in the middle and wrap it around the clip.

Slowly withdraw the iron to the end of the hair. Do the same with the rest of the hair. Shake the curled locks with your head down and fix with varnish.

Waves on the hair with the hair dryer create several methods. An alternative to the first method is to lower the heated clip along the strand with bending it up and down. Instead of curls, you get light waves on your hair.


The third way to create them is to work with the bundles. Each of them is 2 strands twisted into a spiral. We make a thin tourniquet and slowly spend between the clips of the iron. Removing the device, we wait for the hair to cool, only then dissolve.

The iron is also used to iron a kind of snails out of the strands. There are about 10 of them on the average hair. Fix the snails with foil. From it cut rectangles. They are bent in half.

Hair placed between the plates. The edges of the foil tucked, making a semblance of an envelope. Under the iron, it is kept for about 2 minutes. Accordingly, the styling with 10 envelopes requires about 20 minutes.

Waves on hair with a hair dryer
Air currents form waves on short and medium hair. Long hair has to dry for a long time, overheating the hair dryer. The essence of the method is to divide the hair into several strands, curling them into cones.

We tackle the bagels. You can secure them with elastic bands or with string. Blow the cones of hair with a hair dryer. After drying, unwind the bagels. It remains to put hair spray on the hair.

The hair dryer accelerates the “fixing” of the curls. However, it can be done without heating the strands. It is enough to curl the curls and go to sleep. Wake up. Undo the curls. Shake your head. Fix with hair spray. That’s hair styling in waves.

A hair dryer also makes a cold wave. It is formed by twisting wet, thin strands into bundles. They are dried with a head of cool air, setting the appropriate mode of the hair dryer. Vertical curls are formed. They, like others, are fixed with hairspray.

Waves in your hair with curlers
The usual way to make waves in the hair. Of the innovations, let’s mention the thermo curlers. From the name it is clear that they are heated. The heat spoils the hair, though it facilitates the styling process.

Saving the health of the hair, thermal curlers, as well as curlers, irons, hair dryer is used only a few times a month. Regular curlers are safe for the hair. Carefully choose the diameter of the curlers.

Tall ladies with large facial features are large waves on the hair. Miniature ladies with small eyes, lips, noses and narrow faces fit small, tight curls.

Curls are used on washed, slightly damp hair. They are separated and twisted with Velcro. We start with the top of the head. Then it is convenient to curl the curls at the nape of the neck. The last thing to distribute curlers on the temporal zone.

The strands dry on the curlers naturally. In a hurry we use a hairdryer. He, as already mentioned, has a negative impact on the hair. Especially sensitive to the heat is thin hair. They are heated literally through, dried out, broken.


Waves in your hair with braids
Tight braids are a way to make waves in medium or long hair. We start by washing your head. Treat wet hair with styling mousse. Braid the braid, or braids. From one will get a large wave, and from a few – a fine curl.

Waves on long hair are more voluminous when turning plaits into buns. Fix them with bobby pins. It is important to braid braids to the ends. Otherwise, the bottom of the hairstyle will remain straight curls. Need a quick wave effect? Run an iron on the braids, as well as on the hair plaits. A blow-dry will also speed up the curl.

Waves on the hair with the help of bunches
The principle is similar to braiding. Wash the hair, divide it into strands. Curl them two by two. We twist the ready plaits into rolls and fix them with bobby pins. Here is the answer to the question of how to make hair waves at home.

The bagels should not be large. They do not always dry overnight. The ideal diameter of one “bump” is 5 centimeters. Usually you have to divide the hair into 3-4 parts. On thick hair, sometimes 6-7 bagels come out, and on liquid hair – 2


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