Balayazh for hair of different shades: 13 memorable examples

The main goal of stylish technology is the creation of burnt strands. If earlier balayazh was performed only with hair bleaching, today this technique has become more diverse, which allows you to use different shades for dyeing. Balayage is often confused with shatush and ombre. But in this technique, diagonal staining is used with very smooth, almost imperceptible transitions from dark to light.

bright balayage

Colorful balayage has been very popular lately. To create, you can choose any palette of shades, including blue, red, pink and even green tones. A smooth transition is also important here, it should seem that the dark shade has naturally faded at the ends.

Balayazh for dark hair

Balayazh is perfect for brunettes. It is on dark hair that it turns out to create a technique that was originally invented. In this coloring, the hair on the roots remains in its natural color, and already the tips are brightened, while the technique can use several tones to create a depth of tone.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 1
Balayazh on medium hair: photo 8
Balayazh on medium hair: photo 2

Balayazh for blondes

Blondes also often choose balayage for their hair. Here, in general, a very natural look of hair is obtained. The tips are only slightly lighter than the roots of the hair. Coloring is chosen to make curls more dynamic and voluminous.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 7

Balayage on red hair

Red-haired ladies love the balayage technique. Red itself is a very bright color, so it can sometimes be scary to dye all your hair with it. To exclude vulgar notes, women choose balayage, which guarantees beautiful color transitions.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 6

Ash Balayazh

Older ladies often prefer a color that can hide the often appearing gray hair. Just ashy balayazh fits perfectly. The ends of the hair become lighter than the roots, while the appearance of gray hair will not be too noticeable in this coloring.

Balayage rose honey

Delicate fashionistas will definitely look at the unreal and very attractive shade – pink honey. There are both pink shades and partially honey highlights. The transitions are very smooth, and the hair looks voluminous and beautiful.

Balayage caramel + condensed milk

Very tasty and rich shade of coloring – balayage caramel + condensed milk. Here, shades are used in fairly bright colors, but the result is a uniform and beautiful coloring picture.

If you want to get a new look, give your hair volume and at the same time not ruin it with chemicals, then your choice is balayage. Stylish technique allows you to choose any shade for coloring.

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