Interior styles – photos, names and descriptions of the most popular styles


Interior styles: photos, names and descriptions of the most popular styles
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Interior style is not just a set of certain characteristics. This is the idea that underlies the design of the room. Like any work of art, the interior contains a special message and its own unique mood. This time we want to tell you more about the most popular styles!

1. Scandinavian style

Undoubtedly the star of recent decades. Originating in northern Europe, it has rapidly spread throughout the world. Lightness, light, space, simplicity, comfort, conciseness and naturalness are its main features.

Scandinavian style

2. Loft

This American interior style originated at a time when abandoned industrial premises were converted into creative workshops, salons and galleries. Rudeness meets sophistication, open floor plans with careful zoning, and rough raw materials with modern fashion accents.


3. Minimalism

Minimalism is simplicity in everything: in colors, materials, content and layout. Basically it is a light color scheme with one or more bright accents. Compact multifunctional furniture and simple geometric shapes are welcome.


4. Provence

Charming French classic conquers with its romantic and delicate pastel colors. There are a lot of textiles, wood, floral motifs and just cozy details. Simplicity is combined with sophistication in an original way.


5. Modern

Modern or Art Nouveau is a whimsical classic. It is dominated by floral motifs, intricately curved lines and painted or carved ornaments wherever possible. Art Nouveau is a very decorative and sophisticated interior style that requires professional execution.


6. Modern style

The modern style of the interior has absorbed all the best from the fashion trends of the last decades. It has elements of minimalism, hi-tech and Scandinavian style. A nice bonus is the absence of restrictions in the choice of forms and materials.

Modern style

7. Eco style

The name speaks for itself – these are primarily natural materials. Living vegetation in all forms, from flowerpots to a green wall, becomes a full-fledged element of the interior.

Eco style

8. Classic

The classic interior impresses with luxury and wealth. There is valuable wood, natural stone, luxurious textiles, carvings, gilding, stucco molding and other elements of expensive life. The colors are dominated by natural colors.


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9. Baroque

In fact, the lush and luxurious baroque with all the characteristic pretentiousness and pomposity is very difficult to translate into everyday life. But some of its elements, adapted to modern realities, are still safely used by designers. Baroque motto – wealth for show.


10. Contemporary

One of the variations of modern style, which skillfully balances on contrasts. This is a contrast of colors, textures and even materials. For example, natural wood is easily combined here with bright plastic or polished steel.


11. Mediterranean style

This is lightness, airiness, blue and blue shades, a lot of light, wood and cozy textiles. The decor uses marine motifs. Large exotic plants in flowerpots are very appropriate.

mediterranean style

12. Neoclassic

This is an original rethinking of luxurious classic interiors in a modern way. Neoclassicism is more restrained, practical and sometimes strives for minimalism, but at the same time, refined details and accents remain.


13. Constructivism

As the name implies, practicality comes to the fore here. No unnecessary details, simple forms, rational layout and emphasis on functionality, not on the elegance of the composition. First of all, it concerns the choice and arrangement of furniture.


14. Hi-tech

High-tech is characterized by technology. This is the most modern technology that does not need to be hidden behind facades. And all other elements of the interior to match her. The main colors are white, gray and black, and the materials are metal and glass.

High tech

15. Art Deco

A very original classic interior style built on contrasts. Instead of textured boards – polished and varnished wood. Instead of natural surfaces – glossy paint. Lots of broken lines, whimsical decor and sophisticated textiles.

art deco

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16. Country

American country style gravitates toward simple forms and rough, distinct textures. Here – only natural materials and the same natural colors. Due to some bulkiness, country always requires space.


17. Marine style

The nautical theme flourishes here – stripes, anchors, helms, thematic paintings and similar elements. The color scheme is white, beige, gray and blue. Wicker furniture of various purposes is very popular.

Sea style

18. Futurism

Futuristic interiors often resemble the cabin of a spaceship. The most bizarre shapes and objects are found here, and this applies to furniture and decor. Bright acid accents, plastic, acrylic, glass and chrome are popular.


19. Modernism

Do not confuse modernism with modernism – these are completely different styles. What they have in common is the predominance of natural textures and colors. Modernism is a mix of classics and modernity, elegantly complemented by unusual accents.


20. Neo-Gothic

Pure Gothic style, like baroque, is very difficult to adjust to our modern life. But neo-Gothic is quite flourishing among lovers of complex and bizarre interiors with a touch of the Middle Ages and mysticism.


21. Boho

An interesting trend for lovers of complex decor, an abundance of textiles and simply cozy interiors. Boho is layering in everything and the very thing “putting on all the best at once”. The style is very eclectic, with country, provence and ethnic elements.


22. Japanese style

Japanese interiors are very easy to recognize by the abundance of wood, beige colors and traditional Japanese partitions. This is minimalism with a special national flavor. Furniture – as light as possible, compact and mobile. For example, pillows instead of armchairs and low tatami beds.

Japanese style

23. Shabby chic

Shabby chic partly resembles Provence, but brought to the absolute. In such interiors, there is even more elegant and skillful decor, floral paintings, carved details, antique jewelry and cozy textiles.

Shabby chic

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24. Pop art

This is a kind of kitsch, filled with bright colors and whimsical materials. Pop art does not welcome boring white walls. It makes heavy use of colorful decor and especially an Andy Warhol or comic book style poster.

Pop Art

25. English style

This is a kind of monumentality and solidity. Usually it is in the English style that luxurious presentable cabinets in films are decorated. It is characterized by a darker palette, massive furniture and wood throughout, right down to the wall paneling.

English style

26. Hygge

Hygge is Scandinavian comfort. We can say that this is a kind of mix of Scandinavian minimalism and decorative boho. Hygge always has a lot of pillows, carpets, bedspreads, blankets and cozy decor, like candles or an artificial fireplace.


27. Ethnic

Ethnic interiors are always very diverse, depending on the region, the culture of which the designer focuses on. Ethnics are characterized by national elements, folk motifs and unusual handmade household items.


28. Chalet

A chalet is essentially the interior of a country house in the mountains. Lots of wood, carpets, pillows, whimsical decor, a fireplace, even horns on the wall – all this creates a chalet atmosphere. The style looks more appropriate in a private house with spacious rooms and high ceilings.


29. African style

This is one of the most interesting ethnic styles, the popularity of which is growing rapidly. African interiors are characterized by warm yellow-orange-red colors, dark wood, simple geometric patterns in textiles, the use of leather and animal prints.

African style

30. Moroccan style

Moroccan interiors are very exotic and luxurious in nature. They are dominated by bright colors – most often in red or blue tones. But at the same time, all shades are natural and natural. There are many oriental motifs, textiles, complex patterns, original lamps and decor in general.

Moroccan style

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