Control ants 10 simple steps to get rid of ants and keep them away from the house


Ants are no friends. These shameless, little critters have an annoying habit of scampering where they’re not welcomed. They may not be as bad as bedbugs, fleas or mosquito–the serial killer, but no human wants them in their house.



Yes, they feed on bedbugs, fleas, and termites, and may also hasten the decomposition of big insects like roaches and earwigs. But they have a dark side that does make them unlikeable. For that reason, they too deserve to go down.

Natural ways in my kitchen to eliminate ants

  • Get rid of all the attractants—free crumbs, sticky surfaces, and scattered sugar particles. Have the sugar and honey containers covered?
  • Then lastly, ensure all the water leaks are completely cut off.

“Now if they’re big-headed enough to keep on coming, here are more tips for part two of the fight.”

  • Always have a spray bottle with soapy water to fire at them whenever they show up.
  • Place cucumber peels or slices at strategic spots in your kitchen, especially their entry points.
  • Put a few mint bags in places where the ants like hanging. You can also use dried and crushed mint for this purpose.
  • For ants on the deck, slip tiny cloves of garlic inside the cracks
  • If you can trace their entry points, place citrus oil, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, cinnamon and coffee grounds in their path—ants will never cross.
  • Mix a teaspoon of borax, one liter of water and 1 cup of sugar. Then, soak small cotton balls in the mixture before putting them in a small yogurt container with small holes on the lid to allow the ants to enter. Place the container at the entry points of the ants. The ants will carry the container to their colonies where they’ll eventually annihilate the entire colony. This is important if you suspect the ants have their colonies within your home compound. Continue reading on the next page for more ways about termites.