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The bangs shift the focus to the eyes and emphasize their expressiveness. With its help, you can hide defects on the forehead and increase the volume of the haircut. Hair will look neat. Let’s talk about fashion trends for 2023.


Ultra short bangs

It will be popular on any haircuts. Very short bangs with long hair creates a stylish look. With a short haircut, you can feel like a style icon, and with a haircut for medium hair ─ look younger. The advantage of the trend is that the face becomes as open as possible.

Torn and asymmetrical bangs

A great option for creative people who value individuality in everything. In 2023, asymmetrical cut bangs will be in demand on pixies, bob and cascade. You can hide the defects of the forehead and temporal zone. Plus, bangs visually remove several years. You can make bright and bold images. Even classic images with such a hairstyle will sparkle in a new way. Stylists believe that at least once in a lifetime a woman should make herself a bang with asymmetry.

medium length haircuts with bangs photo 13

Thick straight bangs

It used to be in anti-trends, but times are changing. And next year, thick straight bangs will be at the peak of popularity. Most of all, it suits the owners of an oval face and thick hair. Bangs can be done on a bob, bob and hair of the same length with an even cut. In order to maintain harmony in the image, you must not forget to do the styling. Hair should not be knocked out of the overall shape.


Alternative name ─ bangs on two sides. Its peculiarity is that it visually lengthens the face. It looks more noble. Best of all, the bangs-curtain looks on long curls. Perfect for cascade. But such a haircut requires regular styling, since slight negligence in this case is inappropriate.

Semicircular bangs

It goes perfectly with the classic square. The haircut looks strict, but it brings chic to the image. Best of all, bangs in a semicircle look on women with an oval face type. But this does not mean that it is not suitable for other ladies. If you want to follow the fashion trend, absolutely everyone can.

Haircuts with bangs make the image more complete. You can emphasize beauty and grace, bringing your appearance closer to perfection. But the bangs must be laid and ensure that it is always clean.

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