Desert rose skin care


Do your cheeks feel more like the Sahara dunes than dewy petals? Try this easy moisturizer.
It’s light and oil free, so it’s great for oily skin, too.

Makes about 16 ounces.

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You will need:

1 cup water
¹/2 cup fresh rose petals (red ones are best, since they turn the brew a lovely pink;
consult the gardener before you whack his or her prized American Beauties)
16-ounce bottle with cap, any shape, washed and dried
1 cup liquid glycerin (available at drugstores)
1 tablespoon aloe vera juice (available at health food stores)
Homemade label (optional)
3 small dried red roses with stems (optional)
1 foot red or pink satin ribbon (optional)

[1] In a small saucepan, heat water and rose petals just until boiling. Let the rose water cool, then strain out petals.

[2] Pour rose water into your decorative bottle. Pour in glycerin and aloe vera juice.
Cap bottle securely and shake well to blend.

[3] If you like, attach your label, and tie dried roses around the bottle with the satin ribbon.

[4] Store your moisturizer in the refrigerator. It doesn’t have any preservatives, so it can go bad within a couple of weeks if you leave it out (if it’s refrigerated it should be fine for a month or two; if it starts looking murky or smelling a bit off, toss it). Plus, it will feel nice and cool when you apply it.
Shake gently before each use. Smooth some on, avoiding the eye area, whenever your skin feels parched or rough.


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