How to distinguish a smart woman from a dumb one in ten minutes of conversation: an observation by E. Roosevelt


When I was a little girl, I heard my mother and a friend talking about how they were honors and medalists, living very modestly, counting the money until their paychecks. And the “C” students in their class had opened three businesses and had no worries. How could this happen?

A Jewish proverb says: “What’s the price of your knowledge if you can’t get money for it? But money is not only knowledge. In the ’90s, the expression “entrepreneurial flair” was in vogue. Those who weren’t afraid to take risks, borrow huge sums of money and deal with gangsters made their money.

And even in order to push catalog products on people, the brain alone is not enough. This is exactly the opposite – the smarter a person is, the more modest he is. The more difficult it is for him to sell something unnecessary, to impose something on someone else.


But people live not only material things.

When the economic situation in the country improved, they started talking about the inner harmony of the individual as the basis of everything. About the point of balance, about such wealth as good, kind relationships with others.

The French writer Françoise Sagan:

Sartre once told me that very intelligent people are not evil; anger implies limitation, a priori stupidity, and, to my amazement, time has only confirmed the rightness of those words.
A very deep thought.

Anger is born when we find ourselves at a dead end, in a hopeless situation, dependent on someone. A smart person sees ways out of these dead ends, and in 90% of cases does not drive himself into them.

If we cannot get around trouble, patience, endurance, and restraint come to the rescue.

Франсуаза Саган

As Coco Chanel said:

Holding back when it hurts and not making a scene when it hurts-that’s what a strong woman is.
Strong is synonymous with smart.

In my life, I have faced angry people more than once. They did not like everything in the morning: the weather outside the window, breakfast, people, the news agenda on TV. They needed to blow off steam at the first opportunity, and they clung to passersby, to colleagues, to sales clerks. They argued and scandalized.

I came to one conclusion: “you don’t need brains to quarrel and fight. But it takes brains to maintain good relations with people.

Another astounding observation. Eleanor Roosevelt says:

“Great minds discuss ideas. Middle minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

Когда я была маленькой, я услышала разговор своей мамы и подруги о том, что они - отличницы и медалистки, живут очень скромно, считают деньги до зарплаты.-3

It is very easy to “judge” a person’s intelligence by the information that he is trying to convey to you. By its importance and relevance.

Short-sighted people gossip, ridicule, belittle, envy or try to provoke envy, curse. Life seems to them a fascinating soap opera, where some are honeyed and others are slapped by fate. And you never know what will be shown in the next series, how the season will end.

The smart ones don’t get personal, they keep quiet and watch more often. They are not secretive, but they understand that it is not necessary to tell everything about themselves. Today it’s a holiday in our street, and tomorrow – in another one.

They are absolutely not interested in gossip, because there is nothing new under the moon, everything is subject to the basic laws of life: the manifestation of justice (you reap what you sow) or its absence.


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