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Here in the article, we’ll be focusing on four different homemade, all- natural bug sprays that have the main ingredient focus of Essential Oils.

There is a chance you already use Essential Oils and know about the vast amounts of benefits they have, but, if not, then you’re about to be introduced to just one of the many, many things Essential Oils are great for!

Using Essential Oils as some of the main ingredients in your bug repellent recipes also means you can rest easy, knowing you’re using all-natural, organic and family-friendly ingredients! Here we go!

Essential Oil Bug Repellant Recipes

By Heike Rau /


Essential Oil Bug Repellant

This recipe will be an excellent one to use for a wide range of bugs but especially ticks! During the summer months, you have probably become so fed up and annoyed by searching through your clothes, your hair and even avoiding walks in the woods because the ticks are so bad! Thankfully, this bug repellant should help! Before getting started on your first step, first collect the following


– 20 drops of essential oil of your choice (however, for ticks, Rose Geranium is especially suggested, however, you can also choose to combine two essential oils. Other suggestions are lavender, peppermint and citronella)
-2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil
-1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

Now, you will see, because a gel substance was used in the ingredients, this mixture isn’t exactly a “spray.”

Therefore, you will want to combine all the ingredients into a plastic or glass jar and then shake it just a few times to mix the ingredients together.

Then, instead of spraying it like you have the previous recipes, you will want to, instead, rub it on and into your skin! This recipe is also quite gentle, so if you’d like, you can also rub it into your clothing without damaging it!