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The stylized hair coloring technique – chalking – has been firmly in first place for several years now. Despite the fact that the fashion trend for the coming year is predicted to be monochromatic hair coloring, colorists have proposed that ladies in the coming year 2024 use new fading techniques, which will certainly suit their taste and allow them to emphasize the beauty of the hair.


Natural hair color

The trick to this variant of fading is light transitions along the entire length of the hair, with maximum lightening at the ends. To achieve the naturalness of shimmering highlights, colorists use two coloring techniques at the same time: balayage and foil fade.

Melt-in-the-mouth contrast with light highlights

This type of chalk is experimented with by bold, confident women. As a general rule, for a melting contrast, it’s best to use shades of red. Broad red strands in the center of the head are lightened as close to the face as possible, creating the illusion of natural hair color.

Hair color 2024: fashion trends and new shades
Hair color 2020 photo 4

Coloring technique emphasizing natural relief – foilage

The trend for the coming year is original foilage hair coloring. With foilage, the relief of the haircut is effectively highlighted by multi-level lightening of the individual strands. The final stage of coloring, toning, gives your hair the desired shades. The most popular colors are: copper tones, exquisite walnut tones and fashionable russet tones.

Hair color 2020 photo 9
Haircolor 2024: fashion trends and new shades

Eye-catching color highlights

Hair coloring will be very popular this year, especially among young people. To avoid repeating an out-of-fashion variant of chalk coloring, no more than 3-4 strands should be painted in bright, contrasting colors. Colored strands should be colored using the “grand fondu” technique. Hair tips colored pink, yellow or sapphire stand out well in the hairstyle.

Hair color 2024: fashion trends and new shades.

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Elegant hair tanning technique

In recent years, many women have become adepts of the hair tanning technique. This coloring method is particularly exquisite when combined with golden highlights and chocolate highlights. In addition to a spectacular image, women have the option of avoiding frequent coloring, as the roots of out-of-date hair are virtually invisible for a long time.

2020 hair color photo 6
2020 color photo 3

Hair Melting 2024 is a great opportunity for women to experiment with creating the perfect look.

Have you used the melting technique to color your hair? Tell us about it in the comments.


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