Leg haircuts with bangs for women (30 photos)


The popularity of haircuts on the leg does not fade away every year, but only gains momentum, which is explained by its beautiful view, originality of the image and comfort to wear. The name of the haircut is due to its similarity with classic haircuts and with a fungus – a round hat on a leg. The main features inherent in the personality of all regular fans of this type of haircut are activity, courage and purposefulness.


Kare on the leg with bright coloring

Side view of a leg haircut

Beautiful coloring combined with a short haircut on the leg

Styling option for a haircut on a leg

Kare with different lengths of strands on the leg

The idea of ​​​​creating a fashionable haircut for women

Kare on the leg and highlighting in a single image

View of a haircut on a leg with shaving the hair on the back of the neck

Short square on a leg with a two-tone color

Puffy pixie haircut

Haircut on the leg with a red color

Leg haircut for different ages

High leg hairstyle

Very short leg haircut and light coloring

Haircut on the leg: back view

Aged woman with leg haircut

Leg haircut with long bangs

Kare on the leg with torn strands

Lush styling for a haircut on a leg

Short layered bob haircut

Kare on the leg on straight light strands

Haircut on the leg, fashionable this season

Stylish coloring and haircut on the leg

Shaved neck haircut

Side photo of leg haircut

Haircut option with long strands on the sides and on the leg

Leg haircut with short hair

Different lengths of strands in haircuts for women on a leg

The idea of ​​​​creating a haircut for dark hair


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