What changes in a woman’s figure after 50 you should pay attention to in the first place when choosing clothes


Even with very careful care after 50, age-related changes inevitably appear, both on the face and in the figure of the woman. Of course, everything is very individual, a lot depends on genetics, lifestyle and capabilities of a woman. But nevertheless hormonal changes after 50 are inevitable and it is reflected in the appearance. And these changes should be taken into account when choosing clothing.


Weight gain

A lot of menopausal women start to put on weight. Whether to struggle with extra pounds or accept it is a personal matter. Doctors believe that gaining 5-7 kilograms during this period will not do any harm, because fatty tissue produces estrogens, which begin to be lacking at this age. But we will not go into medical questions, they should be discussed with the doctor. Let’s talk better about the choice of clothing.

A common mistake is the desire to hide fullness, choosing either very loose or, on the contrary, tight clothes.

Of course, there are different types of fullness. Some people are lucky, and fatty tissue is evenly distributed, and the figure retains a guitar-like combination. In this case, do not forget to emphasize the waist. But if the sides and tummy appeared, you will have to look for other solutions – choose outfits with an inflated waist, models of straight or trapezoidal silhouette.

Making ensembles and choosing things, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure, trying to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages.


The force of gravity is relentless, so the breasts inevitably “slide” down with age. Moreover, the bigger the bust, the harder it is to maintain the beautiful shape of the breasts. Of course, you can get a lift, but it’s still a big risk.

Therefore, pay attention to the choice of underwear. Choosing the right bras is quite a challenge. So never buy lingerie without trying it on. A perfectly fitting bra will lift your breasts, give them a beautiful shape, and in general the figure will look slimmer and more attractive.