how to get rid of ants in the house


Ants are an extremely widespread problem. Occasional ants may not really be a problem, but a larger infestation in your garden or around your home could be more problematic. If you have to kill ants that have invaded your home, you can use natural, household products or pesticides specifically designed for ants.

10 natural tricks to get rid of ants


Cleanliness: Since the ants are very small, they can find several ways to enter your home. You have to seal the cracks. Line your kitchen with adhesive tapes. Do not leave food open. Store them in sealed containers. Keep the tub, bathroom, and pool clean.

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Coffee ground: Coffee grounds have proved to be successful as an ant exterminator. Place coffee grounds in cracks from where ants enter and you’ll get rid of them. Even though it will not kill them, it’ll keep them away.

Vinegar: Switch to using a vinegar/water solution for mopping floors and cleaning counters. You’ll never see ants again. Vinegar is quite reliable but you need to pour it in the ant nest, not just where they move. If you find their nest pours 0.5-1 liters of white (cheap) vinegar. See more steps on the next page

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Cinnamon: Spray cinnamon oil near the door, window sill, floor, etc. to prevent ants from entering. Cinnamon oil is easy to clean later as well. Cinnamon and cloves make your house smell good; moreover, ants hate it on their path.

Sugar and Water: Use borax, sugar, water and a little peanut butter. It takes a few weeks, but it does work. Nasty ants!

Mint: Ants do not like the taste of mint and avoid areas with mint effects. The mint has a strong odor that the ants can not afford. Prepare a mixture of 10 drops of peppermint oil and a glass of water and spray them where you find ants. Repeat this treatment twice a day. Dry mint can also be used instead of a liquid mixture.

Cream of wheat: Ants swell and explode on eating wheat cream. You can use this remedy for gardens. Fossil remains of diatoms: Spread deposits of fossil remains around your house. Keep it dry or else it won’t work.

Vaseline: It is impossible for ants to pass Vaseline barriers. Hence using Vaseline will work and keep ants away.
The above remedies are certainly effective for keeping ants away and are extremely cheap and safer in comparison to the toxic exterminators available in the market.