Empire style dresses – sophistication in details


When already modern fashion does not bring the desired feeling of satisfaction and you don’t like anything on the shelves, then it’s time to pay attention to empire dresses. This style is sophisticated, mysterious and unique in its own way. It originated in the distant past, but is still in high demand among ladies with true taste.


Empire style history

The style originated during the reign of Napoleon, where the word “Empire” meant imperial. It means the Roman Empire, in which it was common to depict everything with precise symmetry, comfort and grace. Despite belonging to the style of the Roman Empire, it was especially popular at the beginning of the 19th century in France. At the same time, the style of romanticism appeared.

After a while, the Empire style began to be widely used in the Russian Empire, where a similar style of clothing was perceived with a bang by wealthy ladies of that time.

Empire style in modern fashion

The true Empire style is a long dress, without a corset, with a beautiful and comfortable neckline. It can be decorated with a belt, artificial flowers, lace and mesh inserts. The modern style has added novelty to the dresses: bright and catchy colors, accessories, different lengths, where there are short and knee-length.

Thanks to the development of the Empire style, a wide category of wedding and evening dresses has appeared. Each bride will be able to choose the perfect option for herself, because such a style perfectly hides a full figure and helps to hide the tummy for pregnant brides.

Empire style dresses


A rare version of the empire dress in a short style is well suited for young girls. The summer period is the most popular for wearing this option. Discreet accessories, comfortable low-heeled shoes are suitable for it.

midi length

Medium length creates a noble feminine look. This option is suitable for any holiday: birthday, event and others. Midi is common among styles, so it will be easy to find the right option. There are various beautiful bright and pastel colors on sale.


Long options are considered the most sophisticated. They form a dignified and feminine bow that will be worthy of any photo shoot, romantic date, festive evening and even a royal ball. The length can vary from heels and be longer, which has a hem.


Every girl wants to look like a real queen on her wedding day. Empire style wedding dresses can help her with this. They are made using natural fabrics, with hand decoration or decor. There are simpler options, where there are amazing drawings, decor in the form of flowers, bows, butterflies, patterns and more.

Such dresses usually have a long flowing skirt and a long hem. But in some modifications splendor is possible. The color palette is also very rich, so it will be easy to choose the most successful and luxurious option.