Hawaiian Bath Salts


Did you know that jasmine flowers are the flower of choice to be strung into leis in Hawaii? Jasmine has also considered an ‘absolute’ rather than an essential oil
as the petals of the flower are too delicate and would be destroyed by the distillation process used in creating essential oils.


By Alena Ozerova / shutterstock.com

Add a hint of vanilla to the jasmine and this delicate scented bath salts is bound to make you think of lush islands and warm tropical breezes.


1 cup Epsom salt
1 cup baking soda
3 drops Jasmine fragrance oil
4 drops vanilla fragrance oil
4 drops blue food coloring

TO MAKE: Combine all ingredients in a bowl, ensuring all lumps are broken up
and the texture is even.
TO STORE: Pour into clean glass or plastic bottle. Add label and seal.
TO USE: Place small amount of Hawaiian Bath Salts into warm running water.