The difference between smart women and dumb women


As I watch the video of the female psychologist, I am surprised at how simple everything in our lives is, and how easily everything can be put into place.

For example, it is easy to distinguish an intelligent woman from an incompetent one. A small-minded woman is always dissatisfied with life. And she lives badly, not because she is not smart enough to live well, but because in a whirlpool of desires – I want a car, I want a job, I want a child, I want a man, I want a lot of money, I want to live in another country – she does not understand where this flow will bring her.

She has no vision, no plan, no goals, no strategy. There will be a child, money, and a husband. And an apartment in the city center. And the picture doesn’t add up. No satisfaction. No happiness.


At the reception, the psychologist asks women to write a short essay, literally in a few sentences: “The golden standard of my life.” Clients are at a loss; they cannot make a beautiful bouquet out of a bunch of wishes.

None of them can specifically describe how she wants to live in ten years. The future is hazy.

Ask the women you know about how they see themselves, if they are at a loss for ideas, then they just do not think about it.

Or they think about it, but do not feel that they are the masters of their lives, preferring to shift all the decisions to others. Or dutifully accept all that fate will bring them.

Such women are easily recognized by the phrase-signals. For example, you say, “Let’s go to the sea this summer?” and you hear in response, “Well, I do not know yet,” “We’ll see…”, “Depends on how things work out.

Such people, as a rule, do not plan much in their lives, do not save money, do not earn money for their dreams. They just go with the flow.

A smart woman considers herself the mistress of life. Everything she has today is something she worked on yesterday. Thought, planned, wished, outlined.

Another type of inconsiderate women are those who want to live from the opposite: my mother had three husbands and ten admirers, so I will have one husband for life. Or I will live all alone.

My parents counted pennies, so I would be bathed in luxury, and nothing and no one would stop me.

It seems like the goal, the strategy, is exactly what I was talking about above. But in fact, the desire to go against, to oppose myself to mom and dad has nothing to do with happiness. And again the picture doesn’t add up…

The third type of dull-witted women is characterized by specific fears and beliefs that limit their lives: men only value the beautiful, only men get a job on TV through bed, only fools take out mortgages, only insane people have children in our wild world.

We only get what we believe in. Or rather, we lose a lot if we fill ourselves with negativity, hatred, anger and fears. Anger is synonymous with limitation. Our conviction, our faith, is a choice, a way of life.

The fourth type of women are women with short-term motivation. They are only interested in things that have a quick effect. They often give up halfway through, without completing it.

Or they have a hundred excuses as to why they did not achieve their goals: they did not finish university, they did not finish the book, they did not lose weight to the desired figure on the scale. Laziness, procrastination.

But most of all these women can be recognized by impulse purchases: they have a lot of beautiful dresses, shoes, perfume, in the kitchen – delicious sweets and cakes, elegant dishes, on the dressing table battery bottles and tubes, expensive creams and serums. But the girl cries to you: I’ve never been to the sea, to another country… My peers buy cars and apartments, build houses, and I don’t understand where they get the money for it…

She spends all her resources on momentary pleasures.

Women who are unable to motivate themselves long term become hostages to a mediocre life.

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