3 magical transformations from hairdressers (before and after)


I can’t believe we’re facing the same person!

simple hair
simple hair

You live with your natural blonde hair and your grandmother’s attitude that “coloring spoils your hair,” but people are turning the young option on full blast and don’t limit themselves to platinum or ultra-short-cropped.

Hmmm, I think it’s time to drown out the kin voice in my head! I’m inspired to change with another batch of transformations from the coolest hairstylists.

On the 21st of every month, we publish beauty transformations from makeup artists or stylists. The changes are amazing – you can follow along.

Bold Blonde

simple hair

Say what you will, but I loved this transformation! The “victim” on the left and the “warrior queen” on the right. In Eugene Zhuk’s chair @ev.zhuk was the long-haired Elena, who admitted to being frozen in time and longing for change.

And yes, she did let slip that she was willing to sacrifice a little (!) length. Um… You have to be more specific with masters.

The star stylist decided to take away that mothballed femininity and make a haircut that has character! The indeterminate color was replaced by a wheat blonde – it looks as natural as possible as if some of the strands burned out in the sun.

And I’m also ready to kiss Beetle on both cheeks for the fact that the shade is easy to care for and easy to maintain – just conditioner and shade or neutralizing shampoo.

Oh yes, most of the commenters on the web were dissatisfied, saying, “but it used to be better.