The best ecological and efficient cleaning products


Here’s how to replace your cleaning products with green options that are both efficient and environmentally friendly for a spotless home.

The best ecological and efficient cleaning products

By Chutima Chaochaiya /

The best ecological cleaning products are just as effective

Many of us grew up in homes polished with harsh chemicals and cleaners that our mothers used to keep everything sparkling clean. However, more and more studies show that certain components such as formaldehyde, caustic soda, and triclosan are not only dangerous for health: they have a negative impact on the environment. But do not panic! Nowadays there is a multitude of natural and ecological products. And the best part about it all is that they are really effective.

The first thing to do when it comes to purchasing a cleaning product is to read the labels carefully. As with food products, if you can recognize and pronounce more of the ingredients without difficulty, then the product is generally healthier. A shortlist isn’t necessarily better, but it may indicate that the product is natural and good for you … or the opposite. Are you ready to change your range of cleaning products? We asked leaders Rebecca McKillican and Erin Young to tell us about their choice of cleaning products.

The best ecological cleaning products for the bathroom

Essentials: Toilet Bowl Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner

Our Picks: Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner is used to cleanse, refresh, and wash away soils while leaving an essential oil scent of balsam fir, cypress, and lime. Eco-Max Bathroom Cleaner is perfect for removing stubborn dirt from showers, basins, sinks, and on countertops. Both of these products are made with safe natural ingredients.

The best ecological cleaning products for the living room

The essentials: Floor, window, and mirror cleaners

Our choices: For clean floors (especially those where there is a lot of footfall such as in the living room), we have chosen ATTITUDE Multi-Surface Cleaner: it protects your floors, including hardwood ones, while ensuring their cleanliness. We also emphasize that ATTITUDE is an environmentally friendly and eco-certified Canadian company. For windows and mirrors, we recommend glass and surface cleaners from Green Works and ALL ORGANIC.

The most effective ecological cleaning products for the kitchen

Essentials: Dish soap and powder detergents, countertop cleaners

Our Picks: Our dishwashing favorites are Sapadilla Grapefruit Bergamot Dish Soap and Live for Tomorrow Dish the Dirt Dishwashing Powder. Sapadilla soap has a scent of natural essential oils and its elegant packaging is so pretty it is decorative. Live for Tomorrow dishwasher powder is plant and mineral-based; it cleans dishes perfectly without leaving any residue. For picking up spills and cleaning countertops, we suggest the anti-bacterial e-cloth, which is both reusable and absorbent, which is enough to wet with water to destroy bacteria.