Why take a nap?


From 10 minutes it is restorative and offers many health benefits if you do not exceed 30 minutes to 1 hour. Here are five good reasons to start.

It will stimulate your ideas and especially your creativity

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By increasing memory, alertness and attention, it promotes creativity and helps to solve difficult situations or other problems. It is almost imposed in Japan and French companies are slowly starting to follow the example. In comparison, they noticed that employees who dozed off after their meal were more productive. Do not skimp on your rest in the summer, to prepare for your return to work.

It allows recovery of accumulated fatigue

Between drowsiness and other insomnia, fatigue is constantly growing. Sleeping a few minutes each day in the summer will free you from the fatigue of the year. And despite the “said,” it will not thwart your evening, as long as it remains less than an hour. On the contrary, it helps sleep at night. It’s a real ally to be in shape all day long.

Your heart will thank you

It promotes a good heart condition: it helps your cardiovascular system to recover and lowers your blood pressure. When you emerge after a nap, your body releases two hormones: norepinephrine and adrenaline, which increase the heart rate. In a Greek study published in 2007, it was learned that a 30-minute nap reduced the risk of dying from a heart problem by more than 30%. Moreover, it helps to increase sports performance.

The antidote dreamed?

The National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV) considers it as a non-medicinal treatment very effective as an analgesic. Joint, muscle or migraine pain does not resist and significantly decrease, even after a short nap. Still according to the INSV, being better rested would avoid vitamins, stimulants and other antihypertensives (against high blood pressure). So to choose, prefer a cure for sleep rather than a cure of supplements in the fall.

Your immune defenses will be invigorated

If you do not get enough sleep, it will affect a protein with antiviral properties and therefore your resistance to infections. Even a short slumber helps to upgrade your proteins and hormones that help fight stress, and that also contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. Feel free to sleep well to be ready to face the viruses and colds autumn.

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