Easy manicure for school – simple but beautiful designs


Manicure to school should be minimalistic, inconspicuous, so as not to cause a stir from the outside. After all, you can’t pick up too aggressive shades of varnish for school, make long nails, and also use a lot of accessories. We present to your attention a selection of the best manicure for school.


Beige manicure to school

Beige color is divided into a lot of different shades, where it is very easy to choose a special option for your nails. It is in beige that any manicure will look very advantageous, feminine and beautiful. And all thanks to a calm and versatile color that can decorate any shape of nails.

It is allowed to decorate beige with rhinestones, sparkles, draw various patterns other than beige. But the main thing is to follow the rules of minimalism.

Neat French

French manicure or jacket is very simple and fast, and the result is always incredibly stylish and neat. This is one of the few designs that is allowed to be worn in the strict dress codes of schools and other educational institutions, as well as for work. French can be made in classic colors: white and soft pink, and you can use other colors.

French loves light decor, in the form of shiny rhinestones, sequins, kamifubuki, and small patterns.

Manicure with flowers

Floral patterns have always been in demand among light and not vulgar manicure designs. You can decorate all nails at once with flowers, or choose one or several. Saturated color patterns can be highlighted with rhinestones, sparkles to make them even brighter, but the main coating should always be calm in this case. Instead of drawings of flowers, the use of stickers is allowed. They are very realistic, so no one will be able to distinguish them from a hand-drawn drawing.

fun design

For the youngest schoolgirls, a manicure with a fun design is well suited. Here, the master can depict cartoon characters on the nails, draw funny animals and insects, fruits, various symbols, as well as just funny faces. This design is very cheerful and pleasing to the eye, besides, it will not cause too much attention from the outside, so it is suitable for first graders.

Heart design

The heart design is a very feminine and delicate manicure that looks beautiful even on very short nails. The master can lay out the heart with sparkles or rhinestones, or create a very beautiful contrast between the main cover and the pattern. In any case, it turns out cute and feminine. You can add any thematic inscription to the heart drawing.

geometry design

Geometry contains all kinds of stripes in width and structure, geometric shapes that can differ from each other in color. This design is very versatile, so it will be easy to make a beautiful and easy manicure worthy of any school. In addition, it is the geometry that goes well with the short length of the nails.


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